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Ski Fitness

Don’t hit the slopes unprepared


Imagine this… 


You’ve spent a long time saving up for and planning the perfect ski vacation.  You’ve been dreaming about the views, the thrills, and all the amazing memories you’ll make.  


One thing you didn’t think about, however, was how sore your body would be during the first few days.  And just as you’re starting to feel great again… it’s time to go home.


Spend less time aching and more time skiing!

The only thing that gets you fit for skiing is skiing.  That’s why my training is designed to develop the same muscles and simulate common movements that you’ll use every time you come down the mountain.


In group training we’ll be focusing on things like eccentric muscle contractions, plyometric exercises, and often overlooked core conditioning to make your first few days skiing so much easier.

So whether you’re looking for individual training to improve your game or group sessions to prepare you for an amazing vacation, my ski training will get you ready to conquer the slopes day after day.

Read what the professionals think!

Lee from Skye Fitness training has been attending my off-piste ski courses in the Alps for a number of years and has demonstrated how a commitment to ski fitness can improve performance on the slopes. He has been able to support clients with his fantastic knowledge of skiing specific exercises that definitely improve your skiing performance

AMP Mark Gear.jpg

Mark Gear All Mountain Performance - Chamonix


Improve your ski fitness and hit the slopes prepared

Don’t wait until you’re on top of the mountain to get in shape.  Call me to start your journey today with an in-person consultation.

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