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Make it count with people who make it fun


Trying to exercise consistently isn’t always enjoyable.  


Some of us try to wake up early, only to keep hitting the snooze button.  Some go to the gym after a long day at work when we would rather go home for dinner than move around in a sweaty crowd.  And trying to run outside?  Every park bench and stop sign tempts us to rest… for 5 minutes every time.


But if there’s one thing that can help you consistently show up, give it your all, and have fun while doing it, it’s exercising with a group.


Your friends.  Your family.  Co-workers.  Strangers.  It doesn’t matter… Having people by your side to push you and support you can be the difference between “sort of” reaching your goals and achieving things you didn’t even think were possible.


Training with a small group can be more fun than training alone or individually with a trainer (though I like to think that I’m pretty fun!), but it still offers the one-on-one attention you would expect otherwise.  


I do offer bigger fitness classes, but if you’re looking for a programme personalised specifically for your group’s needs, then this service is for you.


Call today to find out more about how you can accelerate your progress with group training.

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